Restored Bronze Soldier Statue

Posted on Wednesday, 1 February 2023

The bronze soldier statue located at the front of The Boulevarde side of the Club, recognising past and current service people in service to Australia, recently underwent much-needed restoration and repairs.

The memorial was first unveiled by Mr A.R. Kemister on 22 April 1973. Over time, the statue started to flake and discolour and there was also a hole on the left-hand side to be repaired. Restoration work started mid-January and was completed in a week.

“The statue recognises the dedication of service people in the cause of defence and protection of our country,” said Christopher Taylor, Venue Manager of The Lakemba Club. “It was important to restore this statue as it represents this country’s values and culture, and also to show our respect for those who had served and sacrificed for this great nation that we live in today.”

Restoration work done on the statue included surface cleaning to remove peeling and flaking paint, patching the hole with fiberglass matting, and applying sealer and binder to entire surface.

To finish it off and restore the statue’s sheen, it was also repainted using bronze and copper pearl paints.

“The Lakemba RSL Sub-Branch and I are very pleased with the finished restoration, and we hope this memorial can be appreciated by many future generations,” said Chris.

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